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Green Island Resort

After Dusk Activities on Green Island

After dusk when all the day visitors go home, Green Island is yours. Take in the islands tranquility and join the resident Activities Officer for these great activities EXCLUSIVE to resort guests.

Green Island Dusk Island Walks
Island Walks

With lush walking tracks and varied beach environments you can explore every part of the island on foot.

Green Island Sunset Drinks
Sunset Drinks

An almost empty tropical island, a magnificent sunset and a glass of champagne – is there any better way to end the day?

Green Island Fishfeeding
Fish Feeding

Just before the sun goes down it’s feeding time for some of the island’s fishy guests. At 17:00 each evening find your way to the Jetty

Green Island Star gazing
Star Gazing

Green Island’s distance from the big city lights makes it an excellent spot for some amateur astronomy.